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Toll Fraud - Tips and Advice to help our customers

Wednesday 10th December, 2014

Toll Fraud


Toll Fraud is now a big business, being run by terrorist groups and ogranised crime syndicates across the globe.

The introduction of SIP and VOIP now means that hackers have more avenues to commit toll fraud than ever before.

Figures show that in 2011 Comprised PBX/Voicemail Systems accounted for approximately $4.96 Billion (USD) - To put this in to prespective, that's double what Credit Card Fraud was in the same 12 months. These figures are rising on a yearly basis.

Fraudsters can often rack-up phone bills of over £20,000 in a single attack on a customer phone system.

Toll Fraud may not be something that you will know about until it happens to you, for this reason we are here to help.

ETS Communications have a few guidelines that may help you prevent Toll Fraud in your Organisation....

  • Ensure if you set complex passwords for any system programs
  • Set login codes and complex passwords for any voicemail services
  • Never share these passwords with others
  • Always have a well managed firewall setup on your network
  • Block international and premium rate numbers on your phone system and your lines
  • Phone your insurance company and confirm that you are covered from Cyber Fraud / Toll Fraud

These steps are simple and easy to implement.  As an end customer the charges that Fraudsters make will ultimately fall in your hands and for that reason ETS Communications would like to help you in every way we can.

If you're unsure or would like some more info, call us now on 01924 237000 and ask to speak with your Account Manager.

Let's work together to fight this Cyber-Terrorism.


More info on Toll Fraud can be found in the below article on Wikipedia






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