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Friday 22nd April, 2016

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We have provided telephony solutions to over 4000 customers, ranging from small independent businesses to large multisite corporations, Primary Care Trusts, Schools, and Councils across the UK and beyond. We have a strong focus on quality and have been ISO9001 accredited for Installation, Service & Sales of Telephony Solutions since 1992 and hold accredited Gold Partner status with Avaya (formally Lucent Technologies) and Ericsson-LG.

Our remit is quite simply to provide your business with the right answer to your specific telephony requirements. To do this our Systems Specialists consider your requirements carefully and call up on some of the world’s largest, most experienced telecommunications companies to provide the system and equipment which ideally satisfies these requirements.

We have remained constantly at the forefront of telecommunications technology enabling our personnel to design and implement systems for a whole range of applications, from simple telephone systems to advanced Voice & Data Applications, Call Centre to CTI, SIP and VoIP.

The ETS team will ensure that the technology is right and works for you in the way you need it to.

To help match the initial design and specification to your needs we work with you in our Technology Suite, a purpose built facility which lets you see and experience the technology at work and enables you to decide on which equipment is best suited to your organisation.